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Book: Fleeing the Past

By Arvada West Alumni

Chris LaGrone

  • Now available is Chris LaGrone’s new book, Fleeing the Past that explores life in the U.S. Border Patrol through the experiences of Layne Sheppard, a man striving to prove that his failures are in the past.

  • Chris was born and raised in Arvada, CO. He graduated from Arvada West in 1995. He played baseball for his Dad, Arvada West teacher, Mark LaGrone, where he was the right fielder on the 1994 State Championship team with his friend and teammate, the late Roy Halladay.  After earning a B.S. in Marketing and playing baseball in college, Chris traveled, learned to speak Spanish, and decided to pursue a career in the U.S. Border Patrol.  While his hope of a career as a border agent failed to materialize, Chris did awaken his love of writing and began writing his Delta Tango Trilogy.  In 2018, Chris passed away of high altitude sickness while traveling in the Peruvian Andes. 

  • Delta Tango Trilogy Book One: Fleeing the Past is part of the Delta Tango Trilogy by Christopher LaGrone that follows Layne from the day he applies to join the U.S. Border Patrol through the rigors of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (known as the Border Patrol Academy). In Fleeing the Past, Layne seeks self-respect and self-confidence as he endures the boot camp-like ordeal of the Border Patrol Academy in sweltering New Mexico punishing long-distance runs and debilitating hand-to-hand combat. During precious free time, he meets Felina Camarena Rivera. Both keep personal secrets and pursue plans for escaping them, plans they also keep to themselves, even as their attraction for each other deepens.

  • The Arvada West High School Foundation is supporting Foundation scholarships and the non-profit causes championed by Chris through the sales of his Delta Tango Trilogy Book One. 

  • Purchase a copy for yourself, a friend, or family member. Payment can be made by mailing a check for $21.00 to the Arvada West H.S. Foundation, P.O. Box 1677, Arvada, CO 80001. This price does include shipping. 

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