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the human rights bill is therefore an extremely important measure in the promotion of human rights. it will be the first time that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex persons are given the legal security of the right to equality and non-discrimination. but more importantly, the human rights bill, if enacted, will give lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons a voice, and ensure that this particular group in society is treated the same as all other citizens. it is also the first time in the african continent that the rights of lgbt people are being given legal recognition in a national constitution. it is imperative that the bill is adopted through consensus between the two houses of parliament, and thereby passed into law. [62] the challenges that lgbt people face in this country are similar to challenges experienced by other ghanaians such as hiv and aids [63], and they benefit from the same resources and interventions.

the delegation of the lgbt community to the high-level table on the rights of women, children, and adolescents, under the united nations economic and social council on the occasion of the 57th session of the commission on the status of women, held in new york, usa on 30 november 2007, and adopted by the commission on 22 november 2008 [64] points out that, while a range of strategies to protect the rights of women, children, and adolescents exist, very few of these have been formally included in national laws. a human rights-based approach to these issues is essential. the ghanaian constitution is a fundamental document that enshrines fundamental human rights as the basis of the country s legal order; as such, it should not be superseded by other instruments. the government must be constitutionally mandated to ensure that all the constitutionally protected rights are fully realized. 3d9ccd7d82


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