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One commonly-used justification is that it's an attempted assassination; silencers only work with subsonic rounds (any supersonic round makes a loud crack as it breaks the sound barrier, which a silencer can only do anything about by slowing the bullet down enough that it doesn't break the sound barrier in the first place) meaning appropriate bullets can thus be rendered nonlethal by many everyday objects capable of fitting into a pocket.

The Skeleton Key is a post domain compromise technique which can be used by the red teams to access hosts and network resources without the need to crack any passwords of domain users and without raising any alerts in the SIEM. It should be noted that upon reboot of the domain controller the master password will not work since is in-memory technique and the attack needs to be re-executed.

Following their original adventures, and with all four members eventually getting into bank robbing, the group naturally developed the desire to rob a bank together, the opportunity arising after Yuno and Dundee robbed a Fleeca bank with Donnie Pecorino and Tony Corleone and successfully acquired a blue dongle. Deciding to use it in conjunction with Benji and X, the group quickly gathered together and messily prepared a simple, risky and very fun escape plan, changing clothes so that they all looked like various versions of Yuno and driving north towards Paleto. There, Yuno easily hacked the bank as X and Benji negotiated with the police, and soon they were all back in their car, with Dundee masterfully driving back to the city where he'd eventually lose seven cruisers and Air-1 in one of the last escapes in the city where the criminals managed to out-drive the police force.Making their way towards Grapeseed, the group of friends changed into four different cars and separated for the evening, all of them buzzing with energy and preparing to do more heists together. However, with Jean Paul's frequent cruises out of the city and the remaining members busying themselves with their own groups, the energy grew cold and was eventually shattered as X had to flee from the city, the dream of hitting the Vault together vanishing in thin air.While X was away, Yuno, Dundee and Benji would often recall their adventures together fondly, and often expressed bitterness over the fact that they could never have more adventures together.

In 2009, Decepticon spymaster Soundwave discovered that the surviving AllSpark fragment was being kept on Diego Garcia after hacking into a communication broadcast between NEST and General Morshower. Soundwave dispatched Ravage and Reedman to retrieve the fragment, and it was subsequently used by Scalpel to resurrect Megatron from the bottom of the Laurentian Abyss.

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