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Download __TOP__ One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Pdf

"The Harrises were a kind of lonely folk that didn't go much to churchor nowhar. They mightn't even have heard of Brother Carraway's sermon.She might be thar, as James Curdy thought. But she wasn't. She had beenthar, they said, jest a minute. She'd looked in on old Aunt Viny Harrisand said she was going away. Said she was going to foot of mountain toNorwood, whar you get the train. Aunt Viny asked when she was comingback, and Miss Ellice[Pg 115] smiled and said she didn't think she was comingback. 'Whar was she going to live' She said she didn't exactly know,but she had kinsmen who would take care of her. 'Aye,' said Aunt Viny,'you're a master weaver and worker, and any folk ought to be glad tohave such a handy woman around!' Which shows that the Harrises hadn'theard anything. And so Aunt Viny said Miss Ellice said good-by veryfriendly, and went on down mountain. James Curdy wanted to set a houndof Harris's on her track, and the drunk ones shouted at that, and onestaggered out to get the dawg. But Jonathan, he represented that MissEllice would be 'most down mountain now and out on big road where thetracks would be all mixed up and covered, and anyhow the folk down therewouldn't understand and let it be done. By that time the cabin wasburning up on mountain above them. They could see the smoke and light.James Curdy had to let it be, though doubtless he had some hard thoughtsof the Almighty. Well, that is the end of it! She didn't ever come back.It ain't much of a story. I don't know why I told it to you." 1e1e36bf2d


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