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Naalo Nenu Book By Bhanumathi

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this book is an interesting glimpse into the details of bhanumathis life and the significant roles she has played through out her career as an actress. the book highlights her personal life, her strong personality, her early life and her success in the film industry. the book also includes her entertaining anecdotes, which make for a very entertaining read. her autobiography, naalo neno, which talks about her early days and her success as an actress, was released in 1993. this book was followed by a sequel, raktha aatagattu.

i am reading this book of bhanumathi and it is really a interesting story of how she became an independent woman and decided to take up a career in music. she has the courage to tell the world how the men of her time behaved. she was married to five men!

t he only low-point is her second directorial effort grama nadu (1956) which was to be the only film she did as a co-director with chakrapani. in the story, the tamil heroine, saroja (bhanumathi) is married to her lover's brother, the telugu star, naganath (mukkamala). the rest of the cast included a nageshwara rao, ramana reddy, bhanumathi, bhanumathi's husband, chandra mohan, and s. v. subbaiah. the plot is that saroja's husband is not keen on his brother marrying bhanumathi and hence encourages her to elope with another man. the film, however, has only one song, though bhanumathi sings it in telugu. she won the filmfare best music director award for the song and also won the national film award for best female playback singer for this song.

chakrapani decided to make a comeback with the ill-fated raja anjaneyar (1957), in which bhanumathi played a small role of a motherly woman who wants her son to marry a rich girl. the film too failed, though she gave a glamorous performance. 3d9ccd7d82


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