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How to Download and Install HI-TECH C Compiler for PIC Microcontrollers

If you are looking for a free and easy-to-use C compiler for PIC microcontrollers, you might want to try HI-TECH C Compiler. HI-TECH C Compiler is a software tool that allows you to write, compile and debug C code for PIC10, PIC12 and PIC16 MCUs. In this article, we will show you how to download and install HI-TECH C Compiler for your PIC projects.

What is HI-TECH C Compiler

HI-TECH C Compiler is a product of HI-TECH Software, a company that specializes in developing compilers and development tools for embedded systems. HI-TECH C Compiler is compatible with Microchip's MPLAB IDE, which is a graphical environment that integrates code editing, debugging and programming features. HI-TECH C Compiler also supports Omniscient Code Generation, a technology that optimizes the code size and performance of your PIC applications.

How to Download HI-TECH C Compiler

To download HI-TECH C Compiler, you need to visit the official website of HI-TECH Software. There, you can find the latest version of HI-TECH C Compiler for the PIC10/12/16 MCUs, which is 9.83[^1^]. You can also download the previous versions of HI-TECH C Compiler from the same website. To download HI-TECH C Compiler, you need to fill out a registration form with your name, email address and country. After that, you will receive a download link in your email inbox.

How to Install HI-TECH C Compiler

To install HI-TECH C Compiler, you need to follow these steps:

Run the downloaded file (picclite-setup.exe) and follow the instructions on the screen.

Unzip the PICC LITE patch ( and copy the three files (cromwell.exe, hlink.exe and picl.exe) to the bin folder of the PICCLITE installation (usually C:\\PICCLITE\\bin).

Unzip the MPLAB IDE file ( and run the MPLABv6.20.00.exe file. Follow the instructions on the screen and make sure to select HI-TECH PICC SUITE as one of the third party language tool interface plugin components.

Reboot your computer.

How to Set Up HI-TECH C Compiler

To set up HI-TECH C Compiler, you need to do the following:

Start MPLAB IDE and click on Project->Set Language Tool Locations. Expand HI-TECH PICC Toolsuite and Executables and set the location of each tool (HI-TECH Assembler, HI-TECH C Compiler and HI-TECH Linker) to be C:\\PICCLITE\\bin\\picl.exe.

Select your PIC device by clicking on Configure->Select Device and choosing your desired model from the drop-down menu.

Create a new project by clicking on Project->New and providing the project name and directory.

Specify the toolsuite by clicking on Project->Set Language Toolsuite and selecting HI-TECH PICC Toolsuite.

Set the build options by clicking on Project->Build Options->Project and selecting the HI-TECH Linker tab. Check the Alternate Setting box and set it to -O"$ (TARGETBASE).cod".

Configure your PIC burner by clicking on Programmer->Select Programmer->PICSTART Plus and enabling it by clicking on Programmer->Enable Programmer.

Now you are ready to write, compile and download your C code for your PIC microcontrollers using HI-TECH C Compiler. 248dff8e21


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