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Phantasy Calradia Troop Tree

Phantasy Calradia Troop Tree >>>>>

feel free to comment or write me at this site (or on this forums) if you have any questions. i don't have the time to help people on topic, and it is too much work for me to do all the single tasks. only one person can do this work. if you are a modder, please just post your questions on this forums as well.

peckheimans are spear men, who want to swing their giant sticks, but are a bit of a moving target. they can become the backbone of an army, as they have absurd charge potential and survivability at both pike and spear.

the heavy cavalry of the forest of the wilds, direwolves are a frightening force to behold. at level 1 they are super-mobile front line infantry, they can charge, and run from tree to tree to melee all those who come near. they can also use their dead wolf stink to both demoralize enemy infantry and throw them back. as they level up, they gain the ability to use razor claws, gaining small poison that simply maims rather than kills. ranged assault is also available to the wolves starting at level 3.

these self-proclaimed viking berserkers are a force to behold. berserkers are one of the most powerful units in the game, with more health and attack power than regular shock infantry, and are the only units that can use two-handed swords. they have a poor defense, are made up of 50% infantry, and are only effective at full strength, but on offense, they are terrifying. also, if you put on a horned helm, like the old god helm for example, your health is increased by 25% and your attack power is increased by 20%.

giants are a tried and true army for any faction. they are extremely strong, especially at lower troop levels, and can not only be used effectively as foot troops, but can also be used from the other end as siege weapons. swinging his giant melee stick, the sand giant, grond has a direct hit advantage over every other creature in the game bar behemoths, zanns, and most notably the giant monster that he carries. the army is also strong in leadership, with over 10 attack and hit points on the leadership leaderboard, and is also the only troop with more than 5% ability score on its leadership leaderboard. 3d9ccd7d82


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