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Ibm Forms Viewer Download


note if the hotfix does not provide the correct information or you cannot resolve the problem using the information in this article, contact the microsoft dynamics crm product team at or visit the support page for the latest information.

the default forms viewer for the ibm iseries 2000/6000 and tso 6.1 is the ibm forms assistant for the 7.3.1 release.the current release of the ibm forms assistant is the 8.0 version and it contains the following enhancements:use the onscreen keyboard for manual input;text search with regular expressions:to use the regular expressions feature, right-click the field you want to search, choose "search for," and type the regular expression;if you do not want to display the formatted text during search, right-click the field and choose "search without formatting;"users can increase the time it takes to display a list of results by clicking "short list;"you can hide or display specific options on the form by using the mouse.

the ibm forms assistant does not support all of the data fields and options available in the ibm forms studio. the data fields and options, and other available characteristics of the forms, are listed in the forms center. the following ibm forms studio features are not supported:the ibm forms assistant can only display up to one page at a time;the ibm forms assistant does not support mapping, tracking, and hierarchical forms;you cannot use the ibm forms assistant to configure the parameters of an existing form.

the ibm forms assistant can only display data that exists in the form that is installed on the system, and cannot display data that resides on an underlying database. to display data that resides in an underlying database, the user must use another ibm forms product. you should refer to the product documentation for the other ibm forms product for information about how to create and use a form with the data that resides in an underlying database. for example, a report can be placed on a form, but you must use a separate product, such as ibm forms assistant for the 7.3.1, to display the report data. 3d9ccd7d82


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