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Regarding your last advice about the comma vs. period, I use “the New American Dictionary” by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt as my references. They have it as the “academic” style. The New Oxford American Dictionary (2nd Edition) also advises that commas inside of quotation marks, even intermittently, be avoided. I would follow that. And, of course, there are the – what would you call them? – “internally consistent” style guides around the Blogosphere, that follow the AP stylebook’s advice on this front.

I have just looked at the User Guide to the Chicago Manual of Style, and I am afraid that it does not mention the use of the comma or period inside quotation marks. The lawyers and editors of The Associated Press Stylebook, at, have not advised that the periods and commas should be either alone or inside of a quotation (and I would wish to keep them that way).

I would like to know how to specify whether I am referring to a quotation mark within an original quote. For example, I have one sentence that contains a definition (the use of ‘neighborhood’), another sentence that explains what is meant by that definition, and finally a third sentence that tells what you can do to achieve the specific type of neighborhood you are talking about. d2c66b5586


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