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Sawgrass Sg 400 Driver 14


to be safe, let the installer download and install the latest version of virtuoso print manager as opposed to the version you have currently. when the installation completes, you will see a warning stating that the vpm software has been installed correctly. click ok. now, your printer should be ready to print and you should be able to immediately hit the start button and have it print. you will need to first make sure your driver is set to hardware printing before you hit the start button.

the next steps are going to be done the normal virtuoso print manager way. to do this, navigate to the windows control panel. there you will find an icon on the left side of the windows control panel called software and updates.

now that your printer is set up, you will move onto installing virtuoso print manager (vpm). vpm provides color correction to ensure your prints are accurate, as well as other tools to improve your printing efficiency. to install vpm, open your browser on your computer and navigate to from the sawgrass homepage, locate products and select software > virtuoso print manager, and then click download virtuoso print manager.

low noise standby mode can be enabled while the printer is idle, in order to reduce heat and noise levels. this feature is enabled by default. pressing reset will disable low noise standby mode. to turn low noise standby mode on/off, navigate to printer and scanners > horizontal printers > sg400 > low noise standby mode, and select off or on. note that low noise standby mode will consume much more ink than the default mode (the printer runs in normal idle). there are a few other settings in the horizontal printers section of the printer and scanners interface. please refer to the horizontal printers section of the printer and scanners interface for more information. 3d9ccd7d82


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