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Our Story

Arvada Harvest Festival parade 2017 unit

On March 28, 2012, nine Arvada West High School alumni met for the first meeting of what was to become the  Arvada West High School Foundation  (AWHSF). At the meeting four officers were elected and those attending decided to pursue the legal establishment of a foundation.  

There was excitement in the air.


In August 2012, the Foundation was  legally authorized to organize exclusively for charitable or educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. At that time the primary purposes of the Foundation were identified as:

  1. To provide scholarships to qualified graduates of Arvada West High School

  2. To provide support and interest in AWHS by fostering fellowship and camaraderie among alumni, students and community, by preserving the history, ideals, and traditions of AWHS, and to promote participation by alumni in the affairs and activities of AWHS

  3. To promote excellence in education



  • A well-educated society - support AWHS students in pursuits of a post-secondary education

  • Integrity - adherence to moral and ethical actions, honoring our commitments

  • Transparency - being open and honest in our communication and actions

  • Inclusiveness – an organization where all are welcomed, valued, and respected

  • Relevance – evolving with the school and community over time to sustain the Foundation as an important resource for support

  • Honor – acknowledgement of Arvada West alumni and staff for their achievements and contributions to their communities and for the greater good

Board Officers

Lynn Moore (Class of ’73)

Tammy Ashton Yonkie (Class of ’78)

Cindi Robeck (Class of ’66)

Board of Directors

Dale Anderson (Class of ’65)
Gary Barngrover (Class of ’66)
Calleen Blatter (Class of ’80)
Mike Campbell (Class of ’66)

Kendra Cheese (Class of ’66)
Derek Everett (Class of ’98)
Katie Groke (Class of ’99)
Dan Morris (Class of ’65

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