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Hall of Fame

An  Arvada West High School Hall of Fame honoree is....

A person who has demonstrated leadership, character, and service, and is recognized by his or her peers for a high level of achievement in his or her field, and who has made significant contributions to that field at the community, state, national, or international level. Alumni should have graduated from Arvada West at least 10 years prior to nomination.


The Arvada West High School Foundation is accepting nominations for outstanding alumni to be included as members of the Arvada West High School Hall of Fame.


Nominate a fellow alumni or staff member now:


Congratulations To Our Most Recent Hall of Fame Honorees!

  • Jason Lucas (Class of 1998)

  • Kylie McCulloch Harrison (Class of 2002)

  • David Soucie (Class of 1977)

  • Mike Campbell (Class of 1966)

  • Mary Kvamme (Retired Staff)

  • Dan Morris (Class of 1965)

Past Hall of Fame Honorees


Mike Campbell (Class of 1966) 

Kylie McCulloch Harrison (Class of 2003) 

Dan Morris (Class of 1965)


Mary Kvamme (Retired staff) 
Jason Lucas (Class of 1997) 
David Soucie (Class of 1977)


Gary Creager (Class of 1978) 
Brian McGregor (Retired staff) 
Monte Otto (Retired staff, Posthumous) 
Piya Sorcar (Class of 1996) 
Scott Staley (Class of 1964)
Stuart Winter (Class of 1975)


Martha Wright Grant (Class of 1965) 
Harold (Larry) Hoyt (Class of 1969) 
Julie Richardson (Class of 1990) 
Elaine Zerger (Class of 1968)


Rob Binford (Retired staff) 
Wendy Brae Davies (Class of 1993) 
Jim Gibson (Class of 1976) 
Mike Piper (Class of 1987) 
Jim Pierson (Retired staff) 
Paul Sullivan (Class of 1999) 


Crisanta Duran (Class of 1998) 
Larry Green (Class of 1967) 
Kelly Kirchmar-Heger (Class of 1985) 
Bob Loveridge (Class of 1974) 
Cheryl (Ross) Annett (Class of 1966) 
Ron Rossi (Class of 1967) 
Steve Taylor (Class of 1974)


Dale Anderson (Class of 1965) 
Ralph (Bill) Ashton (Retired staff) 
Kendra Ball Fleishman (Class of 1982) 
Barbara Dorough Gablehouse (Class of 1969) 
Jayne Gibson McHugh (Class of 1978) 
Gary Ramstetter (Class of 1974)


Luke Heesacker (Class of 1965)
Michael Klug (Class of 1985) 
Angie Gustafson Parker (Class of 1967) 
Janet Pease (Retired staff) 
Dr. Kathleen Sawada (Class of 1970) 
Jon Sinclair (Class of 1975)


Kim Christiansen (Class of 1979) 
Bob Dyer (Class of 1967) 
Connie Ellisor (Class of 1971) 
Cynthia Hessin (Class of 1969)
Dr. David Keefer (Class of 1965) 
Jim Mikkelson (Class of 1966) 
Dr. Arthur O’Hanian (Retired staff) 
Dr. Peter Van Arsdale (Class of 1965)

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