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Bill Ashton Scholarship

The Bill Ashton Scholarship is dedicated to supporting the teaching and application of chemistry and physics.  This scholarship was created in the memory of Bill Ashton, who taught chemistry at Arvada West from 1963-1986. The scholarship was created by the Ashton family to support:

  • a student who plans to become a high school science teacher or

  • a student who plans to enter a field that is related to the application of chemistry/physics. Possible examples include but are not limited to: Education, Engineering, Astrophysics, Biophysics, Medicine, Nanotechnology, Enviromental Science, and Research. 


Teaching in chemistry and physics not only involves imparting knowledge about these subjects but also inspiring a new generation of scientists and researchers. Educators in these fields play a crucial role in shaping the scientific understanding and curiosity of their students. The pathways to becoming a teacher in chemistry and physics or entering a field that applies to these disciplines are diverse, allowing individuals to choose the level of education and type of educational setting they are most passionate about.  Bill Ashton was dedicated to and challenged students to make decisions that helped form their lives and careers.

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